Learning PowerShell

I’m sure by now you have all heard of PowerShell so I won’t go through the basics of what it is (you can learn that and much more here).

What I would like to go through is how I got started with learning PowerShell and what I think is the best way.

So with that in my mind here we go….

There seems to be two highly recommended places to begin and from my experience they both compliment each other nicely. Firstly I signed up at the Microsoft Virtual Academy and did a course called “Getting Started with Microsoft PowerShell“. This course is run by the Godfather of PowerShell Jeffrey Snover and PowerShell MVP Jason Helmick, there is no one more qualified to teach this course and it runs through all the basics you need to know to start managing your Windows domain with PowerShell.

From there you can expand on the knowledge learned in the “Getting Started with Microsoft PowerShell” course by buying a book called “Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches, Third Edition” available here. Sadly for us the book isn’t free but it is definitely worth paying for (and if you search around online you can find discount codes to use at the time of purchase).

I am only half way through this book at the moment but it amazes me that there is so many little things it teaches you that are generally overlooked when you run PowerShell scripts off the internet but don’t really know what goes into making them work.

Once you get through this book I think it is important to try to become part of the PowerShell community, which will help PowerShell evolve and help you create a network of awesome PowerShell users. For that I have signed up at https://powershell.org and created a GitHub account where I can host and share my scripts and hopefully start contributing to other peoples.

I will do up an article on how I got started with GitHub and why in the next week or so….

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