You should use GitHub

I have only recently discovered GitHub, which I know makes me very late to the game, but I must say it is awesome. In the past when I have created a PowerShell script the only way I could access it on another machine was to save it to OneDrive (or USB which is horrible). With GitHub however I can log in to the web site and access all my scripts from any computer. Now I know what you are thinking….. at the moment that describes exactly what you could do with OneDrive or any other cloud storage, but GitHub has features that sets it apart and makes it amazing! Some of them I have listed below:

  • Version Control – Revert back to any previous iteration of a script, have multiple versions of a script or see who changed what and when they did it.
  • Public or private repositories – share your code with others….. or don’t. It’s up to you.
  • Collaboration – Work on other people’s code or have them work on yours.
  • Business or individual – Join as a business with multiple users or just by yourself.
  • Follow and network with other coders.

There are some big projects that use GitHub and you can get involved with them, for example and most importantly to me PowerShell is on GitHub and you can read about it and contribute to it here:

I haven’t listed everything here that can be done because I found a good little video series by DevTips on YouTube which explains everything you need to get started. Here I have embedded the first video in the 4 part series:

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