Install and use Chocolatey (package manager)

If you have any experience using Linux you probably know they have awesome command line package management, which until recently we never had on Windows. There is nothing worse than having a fresh install of Windows and needing to go to about 50 websites to download and install the software you use every day. It is so easy being able to type a quick command into PowerShell and have your favourite application install or update for you. You could even write a PowerShell script that you run and it installs all your apps for you.

The most popular package manager for Windows is Chocolatey and this is how you install it and use it.

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Save money in Azure by shutting down your VMs

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years you are probably well aware that Cloud hosted servers or (infrastructure as a service as it is called) is currently all the rage. It does have some great advantages, like not having to maintain any hardware and the ability to increase/decrease resources at the push of a button to name two of the big ones. However, it can be bloody expensive if you don’t manage it correctly.

One way to help lower the cost is to turn off non essential cloud based virtual machines when you aren’t using them. In my case I use my personal Azure subscription as a dev/test environment so I only need the machines powered on when I want to use them.

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You should use GitHub

I have only recently discovered GitHub, which I know makes me very late to the game, but I must say it is awesome. In the past when I have created a PowerShell script the only way I could access it on another machine was to save it to OneDrive (or USB which is horrible). With GitHub however I can log in to the web site and access all my scripts from any computer. Now I know what you are thinking….. at the moment that describes exactly what you could do with OneDrive or any other cloud storage, but GitHub has features that sets it apart and makes it amazing! Some of them I have listed below:

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